VACD Australia & Sri Lanka May & June 2024 Newsletter
May 15, 2024

Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, and collaborative partners,

Greetings to you, your families, loved ones, and colleagues from all of us at VACD.

Delightful News – VACD Ambagasdowa Centre relocated:  

Our VACD Ambagasdowa centre  sponsored by Teardrop Hotels – ( was relocated to new premises on Thursday, 9th May. 

The determination and efforts of Col. Kumarasinghe – Secretary VACD Sri Lanka, directors Mr. L.M.P. Lankadikara (Retired Deputy Chief Secretary and Provincial Secretary Uva Province) and Mr. J M Kapila Jayasekara ((Retired Secretary State Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs) ultimately delivered an outstanding result to us. This new centre has better surroundings, facilities, potential and adequate security for our VACD children, staff, and visitors. 

Strengthening our VACD Sri Lanka Projects & Programs Team:

Mr. D.M.Ranathunge – VACD Sri Lanka Project Coordinator (left photo) was appointed Director of VACD Projects and programs and Mr. Chintha Sallay (right photo) was recruited and appointed as Manager – VACD Projects and Programs in Sri Lanka. 

Mr. Ranathunge (retired Principal Central College Bandarawela) has been an ardent supporter of our mission since we were established in December 2011. Mr. Sallay is an old boy of St Joseph’s college Bandarawela and was an outstanding sportsman representing college in many sporting events. Together they bring a wealth of expertise and skills to our mission and in particular to our wide-ranging planned projects & programs initiatives. 

VACD’s Projects, Programs, Planned Activities in the Uva Province & Cost estimates for FY 2024/25 

  1. Continuation and extension of our Education Assistance Program and Family Assistance Program (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 20,000 P/A

  1. Continuation and enhancements to our Nutrition Program (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 10,000 P/A

  1. Resumption of quarterly visits to VACD centres by Paediatricians and General Practitioners from local government hospitals to examine our VACD children, monitor and prescribe medications to them. 

Estimate: Being Estimated

  1. Provide travel, medical assistance to children from impoverished regions and financially stressed households and free prescribed medication to all our VACD children.

Estimate: Being Estimated

  1. Conduct quarterly health clinics for VACD children. Implement an “outreach” program via this initiative into remote rural areas of the Uva province where parents having children with disabilities need to be made aware of the reasons for their child’s health condition and how to obtain medical guidance and expert advice, in collaboration with the local Ministry of Health (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 50,000 P/A 

  1. Conduct regular leadership, vocational, computer, Excel/Word, motivational & other skills training etc. for VACD children, their parents, siblings (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 10,000 P/A

  1. Provide training, equipment and supplies to implement income generating activities and projects for older VACD children attending our centres (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 10,000 P/A

  1. Implement household income generating programs for VACD parents and families by providing resources such as sewing machines, overlockers, fabric etc., training in home gardening, animal husbandry, bee keeping and other income generating activities in collaboration with Teardrop Hotels and other local & provincial government agencies/specialists (based on available data and projections). 

Estimate: A$ 50,000 P/A

  1. Provide regular hands-on specialist training for all our assistant teachers at our VACD centre in Bandarawela on a quarterly basis (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 10,000 P/A

  1. Provide equipment for physical training, sports, exercise, recreation, art, craft, painting, music, dance, singing, vocational and life skills training, audio-visual equipment, computers, printers/scanners for rehabilitation, workshops & seminars for computer literacy training and additional office furniture to facilitate our capacity enhancement program (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 30,000 P/A

  1. Implementation of our “Early Childhood Supported Playgroup Program” for young children with developmental concerns by VACD Australia Director Ms Gabriella Vascotto – Visiting Consultant to VACD centres in Sri Lanka, Learning Consultant Autism/Behaviour and Supported Playgroup Project Consultant for Catholic Education Melbourne, assisted by Mrs. Netaisha Harvey – VACD’s Head of Inclusive Education & Partnerships (based on available data and projections).

Estimate: A$ 20,000 P/A

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Children with disabilities and their families in the region, a big “Thank You” to all of you…

Our journey is bound to be long and challenging. The official and unofficial number of children and their families who need our love, support, compassion, and care are sizeable and increasing steadily. We look forward to your continued generosity, active support for our undertaking and you being partners with us in this most fulfilling and worthwhile 12+ year journey that we traverse together.

Please visit us at:  and reach out to us at: should you choose to support our mission. Please share this newsletter with your network so that together we certainly can make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities, one by one!!!

Many thanks, best wishes, and warmest regards…. Felix

Felix Stephen

Chairman of the Board of Directors – VACD Ltd. Sydney – Australia –

Member of the Advisory Board – VACD Sri Lanka

Member of the Advisory Board – Two Leaves Foundation Sri Lanka

Senior Associate – Cognoscenti Group – Sydney – Australia- 

Member of Investment Committee – Arrive Wealth Management – Brisbane – Australia –