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Newsletters & Reports from the VACD Team

VACD August 2020 Newsletter

"When we give alms with our hearts, we give well" Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, and collaborative partners, Trust this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and well. VACD News Flash!!! – Take One!!! We are delighted to inform you that Teardrop Hotels in Sri Lanka are sponsors of our proposed Welimada centre scheduled to be opened in February 2021.The centre will be named "The Teardrop CARE Centre for Children with Disabilities" in...

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Annual Report 2019/2020

VACD AUSTRALIA CHAIRMAN’S ANNUAL 2019/20 REPORT TO THE VACD AUSTRALIA BOARD “The proper aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts” - C S Lewis - Our Goal is to enrich the lives of children with congenital infirmities & disabilities and assist them and their families in some of the poorest provinces of Sri Lanka, where there is an acute shortage of proper infrastructure and support facilities available to them, beginning with the Uva province. We...

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VACD July 2020 Newsletter

"When we give alms with our hearts, we give well" Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, and collaborative partners, We trust and pray that this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and well. News Flash!!! – We are to open our 3rd VACD Centre in the Uva Province in Sri Lanka and need your support The VACD Australia board approved the establishment of a new centre by early 2021 in the township of Welimada in the Uva province that will be administered similar to the existing Bandarawela...

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VACD June 2020 Newsletter

Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, and collaborative partners, We fervently hope, trust, and pray that this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe and well. "When we give our hearts with our alms, we give well" As we enter the final month of the financial year 2019/20 in Australia, we are conscious of the difficulties confronting many of you during these extraordinary times. We deeply value the support you have given us and appeal for your continued sponsorship that will enable us to...

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VACD May 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters and Collaborative Partners, Trust this finds all of you and your loved ones safe and well. We thoughtfully delayed publishing our regular monthly newsletter post the self-funded tour by Yasmin and myself in February to Sri Lanka, conscious of the challenges and difficulties faced by many and the need for those working from home to have one less email in their inbox to browse. VACD Sri Lanka tour highlights in brief: Visit to Chitra Lane school for special...

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VACD January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year 2020!!! A happy New Year 2020 and the very best in the coming years to all of you and your loved ones who continue to support our mission for children with disabilities and their families in Sri Lanka. A big “Thank you” to the Young VACD Club members: Young N G Gayathra Buddika Kumarawansa (the son of our dynamic and energetic member of the VACD Sri Lanka board and Director of our VACD Badulla centre Deshamanya Kumarawansa) and his fellow classmates from Badulla Central College...

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VACD October/November 2019 Newsletter

A big “Thank you” to the Private Wealth Network (PWN), Australia: Mr. Alan Duncan, Mr. Richard Milroy, Ms. Sita Bala, Mr. Leon Kantor and team at PWN offered VACD a stall free of charge at their annual Private Wealth Congress held at the Hyatt Regency in Sydney on 30th and 31st October to help VACD generate support for our mission, in appreciation of the pro bono work I do for them. This event showcases prominent speakers and presenters and attracts a range of...

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VACD September 2019 Newsletter – Part 2

Sri Lanka Auditor General’s Report The Sri Lanka’s Auditor General’s report presented recently to the Committee of Public Accounts highlights that needs of children with disabilities have not been satisfactorily addressed by government programs to deliver education, medical and vocational training. Another report states that according to national census only 62% of special needs children receive education, while 34% receive no education whatsoever and only 1% receive vocational training....

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VACD September 2019 Newsletter

VACD September 2019 News Flash!!! The VACD Australia Annual General Meeting held yesterday (Thursday, 12th) reviewed all ongoing projects and programs and unanimously decided that our immediate attention should be focused on our Family Assistance Program (FAP). The Sri Lanka leadership team have also communicated to us the urgent need for this program to be enhanced due to accelerating requests for assistance from parents of children with disabilities from rural, impoverished, low skilled...

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VACD August 2019 Newsletter

VACD Chairman’s Annual Report to the Boards of Australia, USA & Sri Lanka: I am delighted to share with you my annual report for 2018/19 to the VACD Australia, USA and Sri Lanka boards. This was also submitted to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission who are the Australian government’s oversight authority for missions such as ours. Please read this report on the following links:...

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