News 10 May 2014
May 10, 2014

Dear All,

  • It’s an absolute delight to inform you that the Governor Uva Province, Hon Nanda Mathew, Provincial Director of Health Services Dr (Mrs) M K D Senanayake, Secretary to the Provincial Ministry of Health Uva Province Mrs G A M S P Ambanwala and their respective teams have secured an area in the Bandarawela District Hospital grounds for VACD to build a rehabilitation, clinic and vocational and life skills training centre in line with our project proposal personally handed over to them on Wednesday, 2nd April in Badulla. This proposed building, for which approval has been granted by both the Provincial and Central Ministries of Health, has been incorporated in the Health Ministry’s master plan to develop the Bandarawela District hospital.
  • Mr Milton Perera (VACD Project Leader) and Mr K A Rathnayake (VACD Team Leader) are scheduled to visit the proposed building site very soon, followed by Mr Phil Quinton (Engineer/Architect/Draftsman – Close family friend and supporter of VACD based in Canberra) later this month to inspect the land earmarked for the project and prepare a building plan in accordance with a “Project Brief” that is presently being prepared by us, in consultation with the medical authorities and VACD leadership. Phil will work closely with the Uva Provincial Engineering Department, as we have agreed that both the plan and construction of the building will to be done under their supervision in a manner that is acceptable to the Provincial and Central government authorities.
  • We are now searching for a suitable Engineering and Construction company and a Quantity Surveyor in Sri Lanka to assist us in the building project with whom Phil and the VACD leadership in Sri Lanka will liaise very closely. The Lak Saviya leadership (VACD is affiliated with Lak Saviya under a MOU) have also pledged their support for this project as they have successfully accomplished a similar program in Sri Lanka.
  • The project proposal handed over to the authorities and the project brief is available here.
  • Earlier this week, VACD with the assistance of Lak Saviya shipped 36 used hospital beds (25 electrically controlled and 11 with manual controls) to be distributed to hospitals across the Uva Province in Sri Lanka along with exercise and therapeutic aids equipment and other life skills and vocational training equipment to be used at the VACD centre in Bandarawela. Quite a few of these items were donated to us by supporters and well wishers of the charity, the rest being our personal donations.

We thank you for your continued support and will keep you all closely informed of all progress being made by VACD, as we attempt to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families for whom our generosity, care and love is their only hope.
Thank you once again, love from all of us and God bless…Felix & Yasmin