Ongoing Projects

Projects & Programs for 2022/23

Community awareness camps, seminars and workshops to be organized and conducted in all rural areas across the Uva Province with the assistance of the Uva Health, Education, Social, Probation, Child welfare, other relevant Provincial Ministries, local agencies and communities.

Quarterly health camps/clinics, leadership and vocational training, computer and excel training, motivational, vocational and leadership training etc. for VACD children and their siblings, young VACD club members and VACD parents with the assistance of recognized specialists who have already pledged their pro bono services to VACD. We will incur ongoing travel, food and accommodation expenses relating this program.

Training in home gardening, animal husbandry, bee keeping and other income generating opportunities for VACD parents in collaboration with Teardrop Hotels and other local & provincial government agencies/specialists.

Purchase of new equipment and replacement of old furniture/rehabilitation equipment with custom designed furniture at all our VACD centres. We will continue with our fund-raising drive via all avenues open to us until we reach the estimated cost of A$60k for this initiative.

Educational Assistance Program helps children with disabilities or their siblings who show academic promise to persevere with their education given the risk of them dropping out of school due to financial reasons. Sponsors commit to a monthly payment of A$25 or equivalent, that is paid as an allowance to meet educational expenses of children that meet VACD’s strict eligibility criteria.

Financial Assistance Program designed to supplement the incomes of families in financial distress, and who meet VACD’s strict eligibility criteria. This program is financed by sponsors who commit to a monthly payment of A$25 or equivalent.

Nutrition Program under which children with disabilities who attend the centres are served a simple, nutritionally dense meal. This program was initiated after a visit by a Health Inspector who observed that the meals the children brought from home were lacking in nutrition. A monthly budget expenditure of A$500 is required for this program.

Early Childhood Supported Playgroup Program for young children with developmental concerns seeks to support young children with disabilities presenting early development concerns. The program facilitates access to specialist services, generates local community understanding and support with the participation of allied services to help children and their families cope with these challenges.

VACD will incur ongoing travel, food and accommodation expenditure for local and overseas consultants that help design, implement, and run program.

Specialist Training Program for new intake of assistant specialist teachers at the MJF Charitable Foundation and the Ayati Centre in Colombo. Funds are required to provide travel to and from Colombo, food, accommodation, and incidental expenses for 6 assistant teachers and a senior staff member for a period of 2 to 3 weeks costing approximately A$3,000