Ongoing Projects

Projects & Programs for 2023/24

To Be Implemented in 2023

1. Opening our new Welimada/Uva Paranagama VACD Center sponsored by Teardrop Hotels, Sri Lanka.

2. Continuation and extension of our Educational Assistance Program.

3. Continuation and extension of our Financial Assistance Program. 

4. Continuation and enhancements to our VACD children’s nutrition program.

5. Provide travel and medical assistance to children from impoverished regions and to financially stressed households.

6. Reinstate quarterly visits by health specialists to our VACD centres. 

7. Conduct quarterly health camps/clinics. 

8. Conduct quarterly leadership, vocational, computer, Excel/Word, motivational & other skills training etc. for VACD children, their parents, siblings and young VACD club members. 

9. Revive our Sri Lanka Young VACD Members Club, motivate, coach, and train young supporters of our mission to be potential future leaders and implement a medium-term leadership succession plan at VACD Sri Lanka. 

10. Implement our household income generation program by providing resources, training in home gardening, animal husbandry, bee keeping and other income generating prospects for VACD parents in collaboration with Teardrop Hotels and other local & provincial government agencies/specialists.

11. Provide sewing machines, overlockers, sewing material etc. at our centres to help parents learn and earn additional household income through dressmaking and tailoring.

12. Provide additional hands-on specialist  training for our newly recruited  assistant teachers at the MJF Charitable Foundation, The Ayati Centre and Chitra Lane school in Colombo. 

13. Implement our food distribution program in impoverished rural areas of the Uva province.

14. Provide equipment for physical training, sports, exercise, recreation, art, craft, painting, music, dance, singing, vocational and life skills training, audio-visual equipment, computers, printers/scanners for rehabilitation, workshops & seminars for computer literacy training and additional office furniture to facilitate our capacity enhancement program. 

To Be Implemented in 2024

1. The implementation of our  “Early Childhood Supported Playgroup Program” for young children with developmental concerns by VACD Australia Director Ms Gabriella Vascotto – Visiting Consultant to VACD schools in Sri Lanka, Learning Consultant Autism/Behaviour and Supported Playgroup Project Consultant for Catholic Education Melbourne.

2. Implement our “Rural Outreach Program” that includes community awareness camps, seminars, and workshops organized and conducted across 24 divisional secretariats in the Uva Province in collaboration with the Uva Health, Education, Social, Probation, Child welfare, other relevant Provincial Ministries, local agencies, and communities.

3. Continue with our 2023 programs 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8 listed above in 2024.