December 2014 News Flash
December 15, 2014

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the VACD (Australia) team, since yesterday, (Friday, 5th December) has been broadened as follows:

VACD Executive Committee (Australia):

  • Patron: Felix Stephen (non voting)
  • President: Greg Fendler
  • Vice President: Hemraj Fernando
  • Secretary: Samantha Osman
  • Treasurer: Vanessa Valcas
  • Public Officer: Andrew Heyden
  • Projects & Programs Coordinator: Yasmin Stephen

Other Committee Members and administrators:

  • Tom Murphy – Committee Member
  • James Kerr – Committee Member
  • Chris Thomas – Web Administrator

Other Founder Members:

  • Nick Valcas
  • Damien Hatfield
  • Mathew Kaleel
  • Andrew Kaleel
  • Mohendra Moodley

As we approach the three year anniversary since VACD was established on 27th December 2011, the exponential growth in the number of registered children from around 11 to 350 and our expanding range of activities, support and assistance programs made us realise that we needed a broader team who were committed, dedicated and passionate regarding the long-term mission, vision and goals of VACD. The new team will meet formally once in four months but will communicate closely and regularly with each other making capital use of modern technology.

Also…The administrative work leading up to the implementation of both The Educational Assistance Program (EAP) and Opening of Fixed Term Deposit Accounts have reached their final stages.

However, given that the number of children who qualify for assistance under EAP are close to 175 of which only 51 children have thus far received sponsorship, and the implementation of this scheme is time critical, we would urge those who have not yet responded to our appeal to support us in this effort. Your monthly donation will be Sri Lanka Rupees 2,000 or Australian $ 20 per child.

Please visit our web page for more information.

Many thanks, best wishes, warm regards and God bless…Felix