May 2016
May 06, 2016

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Article published

A second, more comprehensive article about VACD (attached) was published in the weekday edition of the Sunday Leader on Wednesday, 18th May.  Our sincere thanks to Dr Harold Gunatillake – publisher of the popular health newsletter in Sydney and  Mr Easwaran Ratnam of the Sunday Leader in Colombo for making this happen. We hope that this article informs, inspires, encourages and persuades more philanthropically minded individuals and business enterprises to lend their support for the work VACD does for disabled children and their families in Sri Lanka.

Circulation of VACD newsletter

Sincere thanks also to Mr Victor Melder, who sends out very informative e-newsletters on a range of subjects to the global public, and who very kindly circulates our newsletters to recipients on his considerable cyber-world database. We have made some very valuable contacts through his support and assistance.

Use virtual coins to give nutritious meals to disabled children

Our crowdfunding activity through our collaborative partner ‘Make Some Change’ has drawn some valuable support from participants who want to accomplish real change in the world of causes.

This global activity involves the participant watching 2-3 minute video clips which earns him/her virtual coins, which are then dragged and dropped as donations to a cause of choice.  Having participated myself I can verify that these clips are informative, entertaining, topical and enjoyable.  The only real money comes from the sponsors and advertisers, so it doesn’t cost you anything other than just a few minutes of your time as and when you decide to go on.

Click on the following link to receive 10 virtual coins to start you off:

For the purpose of this activity we are focusing on the VACD program to provide nutritious meals for the children who attend the VACD centre for special education and training, which was introduced as a direct result of a Health Inspector visiting the centre and observing that the meals the children brought from homes were of little nutritional value.

A very sincere ‘Thank you” to those participants who are actively helping causes on the site – keep it up! However, we need more of you to participate.

Photographs of the Uva Province:

We thank Mr Ananda Welikala, photographer and environmentalist who has very kindly offered VACD the use of his photographs taken in Ella and Namunukula in the Uva province of Sri Lanka, located relatively close to Bandarawela where the VACD centre is established.   His scenes of the Uva province can be seen at:

Please visit our webpage:  for more information on VACD, link directly to our collaborative partners’ webpages under the dropdown “Partners” menu and to support, assist and join us in this challenging but rewarding journey to help those for whom VACD is the only hope.

As always, the very best to you all, thank you for your support and God bless….Yasmin

Yasmin Stephen

Administration & Communications Secretary

Volunteers to Assist Children with Disabilities Limited,

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Phone: +612 9484 5128